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January 28, 2007



I am exhausted from you alls journey. When does the movie come out? I have hung on every word and sound for these weeks and I feel a loss of it being over. I can't imagine what you all will be going through. I am forever grateful we made it back well. I am sure that David will understand that it was not a Failure but a learning and life experience. How easy that must be to say but when you do go back you will find it easy and as just rewarding. If it was easy then everyone would be there doing it. You my friend have been where only the imagination can allow for some. You make dreams become a reality and I am sure standing on this summit will happen if you decide it is what you want to do. I believe that you have gained life long friends, visions that will be yours forever, and as we sat and watched and waited, a journey that was exceptional in every way. I hope I will have an adventure like this I can keep as my own.
You did not fail. You succeeded in life. God bless you all and thank you for letting me be there with you.


Hi Dave,
Welcome back! Thanks for these pictures and your thoughts as you return to civilization. You sound good like you're in good shape, grateful for simple pleasures,ready to celebrate.
This trip is probably an important landmark in your life, and (I'm surprised to be writing) it's good that you went. We can hardly wait to see you in real life on Tuesday and to hear the stories then and as they unfold later with unexpected dimensions to what this experience has been for you.

We have been very impressed with the rich and meaningful messages written to you on this blog! You're coming home to a lot of support and love.

We'll see you soon. Hooray!

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