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January 25, 2007



David - glad to hear you are safe and sound!! It's still amazing to me to hear you say, "Reporting from 19,000 feet"! Look forward to hearing about the balance of the trip - wishing you fair skies and calm weather.

Chris Sidner

Atta Boy David! Like you said, the important thing is that you strove to reach the top, more important than doing it but I know you are disappointed. At least you don’t have to write out a check for $100 to the Christian Coalition. That would be worse. It has been fun following you. I’m proud of my trainer!! Woo hoo!


Safe and sound sounds really good. You are still the strongest man that I know. Isn't that everything? Do you have to climb any mountain after knowing that? You are for that steak, you deserve it!!!!!

Dolores Sears

David - thanks SO MUCH for including Bob & I in your fabulous adventure. I was slow in figuring out the in's & out's of the site but once I 'got it', we climbed the Mt. with you. I find it curious in life - how much growth & strength are culled from having things turn out not quite as expected. What a trip - eh?

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