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January 25, 2007



David, you are our hero, even moreso for having had the courage and strength of character to keep yourself safe and whole instead of potentially endangering yourself and others if it just wasn't meant to be. Pride can be a sin, valor is always a virtue. See you soon, you are a mountain of a man.

Mick Donoff


I'm the fellow who didn't make the trip. I've enjoyed all of your postings and wished that I could have been there with the team. You all did well. Most people on this earth will never be capable of doing what you did. Be proud of your accomplishment and come back another day for the top.


Dear David,
Bless your heart! And your sea level lungs, and your very good brain and sound judgment. Sitting here in front of the computer, we have cheered, wept, and waited for the next sound of your voice. To keep going, when you could hardly breathe, see, hear, or move was truly courageous. What a test you have passed by going for it -- and by stopping!

Lots of our friends and all of the family have been following you each day. Ken and Geoff Ainscow have been especially locked in. Ken has been wowed, really admires your strength, and from the beginning Geoff has used his computer skills to follow you and "see" the landscapes you describe.

This is the e-mail message we got from Ken and Nancy yesterday: He can certainly be very proud of what he did and for taking us all along with him.
So glad he is safe.
Give him our love when you talk to him.
Ken & Nancy

From Geoff: He's definitely a winner to turn around and get down safely. That's the sign of a SMART climber. I'll keep checking the web site. Tell me when he's returning home.

We are so proud of you and so grateful for your clear accounts of the journey. Thank you for being you, and all of my love,


Hi Dave,
We've been glued to your reporter's bulletins from the front lines. Even as well as you have described your physical and mental condition while sitting on that rock at 21,000 feet, it's impossible to imagine what it was really like. That was your mountain top that day, and we are proud of you for reaching it. You gave it your all. That's all anyone can do.

I love you.



So sure, who hasn't climbed to 21,000 feet, huh? The only difference is that most of us are doing it with the inflight magazine and a plastic cup of ginger ale.

While things didn't go quite as you'd hoped, what you've done is still an incredible accomplishment, and you should feel incredibly proud. I've been checking in with your bulletins every night, and while I was sorry to see that your summit attempt was unsuccessful this time, I'm sure it'll only inspire you to go farther next time. I have no doubt that in a few years, when you're standing on the top of Everest (following a second, successful attempt at Aconcagua) this trip will be the one you look back on as the one that started it all. Congratulations, my friend, and I'll look forward to seeing you when you get back to SF and sea level...


You rock, dude.
The toughest physical thing I did this week was laundry.
Somehow, I think you topped me.

Melissa Griffiths

The summit is only halfway, David! It takes more courage to turnaround than to keep going, you should be really proud of what you have accomplished. This blog has been great, all my family are addicted to it and they don't even know you! Now hurry back to your clients as we're all getting fat.

Chris Sidner

I have been thinking about your attempt to reach the summit. If the news had been “yes – they all made it to the top and they are all fine” we would all be happy and relieved but possibly would not understand what was involved in the accomplishment. Listening to your account of how you felt in the hours before deciding not to go on really had impact. The decision not to continue and all associated with it was an experience that the summit-reachers did not have. It might take an account of this decision for us to have clear picture of the physical and mental complexity of a climb like this. To know that someone in as good as shape as you are, as determined, enthusiastic and one who trained for this, had decided not to go on, shows us an edge that we wouldn’t comprehend from “yes, it was hard and cold on the way up to the top.” I’m sure you have philosophized this to no end, but this experience of that edge will change how you approach the next challenge and it is a part of you now. A more complex, experienced, knowledgeable David Ferris! Congratulations on the climb!

Rick Lavine

As you can see, it is impossible for any of us here to attach the word "failure" to your accomplishments. You are indeeed a hero, even moreso for not going to the summit. It don't matter a hoot if you could have gotten there or not... failure would have been finding the insanity within to propell you forward because you saw too many Rocky movies and leaving your frozen ass in the Andes.

The important part is that you put your ass on the line by suiting up for the challenge and by sharing the whole experience with your community (which, by the way, just got much bigger and richer for knowing you) before knowing the outcome. That takes real guts and a huge heart!




That's great writing, Dave--and making good decisions is truly far better than getting to the top. This is tough stuff to bring us all with you on: You're a brave man and a good friend.


Meredith Medland

I guess the journey really is the destination huh? I see one of your friends reference a possible Everest Climb in the future and grin -- there's always another mountain, another project, etc. etc. --- but boy, those relationships with people -- that's where it's at huh? Thanks for letting us in on your journey and taking the time to make this wonderful journey of your experience. I am present to your strength, your integrity and my continued trust of your ability to nagivate with extraordinary insight in this wonderful world we live in.

Congratulations. Savor this as long as you can -- Remember all that preparation? -- Now, take twice that time and energy to relish this extraordinary creation.


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